Carl Anderson Massage Therapist Testimonials

Read what my clients are saying about me:

Vina Rathbone Marketing Director at ATOM:
Carl's expert knowledge of this field coupled with his clear passion for the work makes him a master therapist. He is extremely skilled and able to provide real therapy, as well as wonderful massage.
I found Carl while looking for an alternative treatment for my carpel tunnel syndrome. Thanks to Carl I now no longer suffer from this. Carl is extremely professional and good at what he does.
My only complaint is that after moving from Seattle, I cannot find another therapist as good as he is. Carl spoiled me for life, as well as helped me achieve a higher level of health and wellness.
Dolores Gill Project Management:
I knew of Carl before going to him. Just had no idea how amazing he is at his work! Had been suffering over 3 months with pain in my left leg - basically from groin to foot and could not sleep regardless of positions and props. After some clarification, found out it was sciatica. Acupuncture and normal drugs did not help.
After his first treatment (mix of therapies designed by Carl) and some homeopathic recommendations, I was on the road to recovery. But 3 weeks after his 2nd treatment; am in an amazing place. Pain is down by 80%, which is unbelievable, and I can sleep again.
Highly recommend Carl’s extensive repertoire of healing techniques and plan on using him to maintain my body and keep it pain free without drugs or pain killers. Carl is highly tuned in to his patients and knows exactly what to recommend and his one of the best in his field. I have had treatments all over the world and he is very good and very knowledgeable.
Steve Hoedemaker, AIA Board Member at Photographic Center Northwest:
Carl is friendly, professional, and very knowledgeable. His massages range from the perfect Swedish to dealing with specific functional and mechanical issues. I highly recommend Carl to anyone who wants a first rate massage for a great price in a clean comfortable environment.
Lin Mac Master Chief Revenue and Marketing Officer at American Cancer Society:
Carl is a true healer. I was unable to move my arms above my head. I was told I had frayed rotator cuffs and couldn't raise my arms. With 1 session, the pain had eased and after 3 sessions, I had full mobility back. Carl is amazing with sports related injuries, neck and back issues. Issues are resolved with 1-2 sessions. I would highly recommend Carl.
Lari Castle Owner, Lari Castle, HHP:
Carl's talents as a body worker are surpassed by few, if any. His intuition and skilled hands can address whatever it is "that ails you". Carl is very confident with his touch and communicates well to relieve your body's area(s) of concern. He continues to broaden his skills by studying a more expansive range of body work every year! I miss his hands regret that he is now in Seattle and I am in San Diego. After years of Carl's hands, it's hard to find anyone else that could compare to his work. He is by far my favorite therapist.
Nicholas Reanrungroch Senior Sales Engineer at Instron Corporation:
I've always had good results with Carl. I believe that Carl prides himself with his professionalism and always seems eager to learn new techniques and methods to massaging. This definitely shows in his work and personality.
John Grieco Broker @ Windermere Real Estate/Wall St, Inc:
Carl does amazing work and has strong hands. Only one other therapist has ever put me to sleep. Well worth it and very thorough.

Tina Carter Technical Response Team, Adobe Systems:
I'd recommend Carl to anyone, and I have recommended him to many of my karate students and friends. Carl has a tremendous background of many techniques and massage theories, so he can bring the best option to the problem. I've had excellent results from his work; he's helped relieve problems from soreness to injuries. He's totally professional, he listens carefully and is very careful with your limitations and needs, while being delightfully personable. You will not regret a visit with Carl.
Sue Rosenthal Producer in Digital Content Media at Random House Children's Books:
I only wish that Carl lived on the East Coast, as I miss his amazing massages! My family and I have all used Carl for massage and energy work. Carl is deeply intuitive and equally knowledgeable when it comes to holistic therapies. He gets a great "read" on his clients and the treatment helped me tremendously with back and neck pain. Less easy to "calculate" was the work he did on a close family member who was undergoing cancer treatments. But it clearly was calming and relaxing at a point and time when that's what was needed. And probably had other benefits less easy to measure.
Carl is one of the most trustworthy and reliable people I know. If he were a hedge fund manager, I'd be trusting him with my money. If he were a teacher, I'd trust him with my child. If he were a professional baker, I'd buy bread from him. You get the picture. As a holistic practitioner, he will be 110% dependable and reliable in the ways you'd want from such a professional.