Jin Shin in Seattle, WA

Jin Shin is one of the oldest and gentlest modalities. It is a form of Qi Gong energy work used to balance overall or address specific conditions. It spread throughout Southeast Asia and eventually made its way to the United States via Japan in 1953. It uses a set of 92 points along the major energy meridians (pathways) and chakras of your body. If one of your meridians or chakras becomes blocked, this creates stagnation in your energy field and leads to illness or discomfort. By gently connecting two points and directing energy through them, Jin Shin can release blockages in your energy pathways, and restore balance to your entire system. In a sense, Jin Shin is like “acupuncture without needles” or a “cross between Reiki and acupuncture”. It is a wonderful, relaxing technique. For more information on Jin Shin, see the hyperlink below:

Jin Shin (https://www.jsjinc.net/pagedetails.php?id=jsj-is)