About Carl Anderson Massage Therapist

Carl Anderson, BFRP, BFRAP, LMP

Carl Anderson has a holistic attitude toward healing the entire person.  Emotional pain can translate into physical pain, and physical pain can translate into emotional pain.  Treating both leads to greater success and a happier, healthier person.  Trained in advanced bodywork techniques, he can effectively address physical, musculoskeletal problems.  Well versed in Bach Flower Remedies, he can effectively address emotional issues.

 Highly trained and Board Certified in massage therapy, Carl provides a multi-faceted approach for clients with a wide variety of needs.  He is not only very intuitive, but also grounded in a sound understanding of human anatomy. His journey to therapeutic massage began in his twenties, when physicians were unable to relieve his debilitating back pain.  Through Rolfing, massage, and chiropractic treatments, he was able to resume a normal lifestyle free of pain.  Determined to help others live full, pain-free lives, he earned his Associate of Arts in Specialized Somatic Studies – Combined Methods of Bodywork from the International Professional School of Bodywork (IPSB) in San Diego and has been changing lives for the better ever since.  Carl has had tremendous success using combined methods of bodywork in helping clients suffering from acute and chronic pain, whether resulting from overuse, sports injuries, surgery, or other causes. 

 Carl is also a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner.  Bach Flower Remedies are amazingly effective when one is able to identify specific emotional states.  Carl is a good listener, an astute observer, and intuitively asks the right questions to discern the root of any emotional issue.  He has been working with Bach Flower Remedies for almost twenty years and has an excellent record of helping people overcome their emotional issues – whether fears, grief, depression, or stress – no matter how long they have lived with them.

 Because of his strong love of animals, Carl also completed his studies to become a Bach Foundation Registered Animal Practitioner.  He earned this certification from the Bach Centre in England and the Natural Animal Centre in Wales, and is one of only ten registered animal practitioners in the United States.  His excellent understanding of animal behavior and keen insight have made him very effective at helping animals live happier, healthier lives. 


Carl Anderson, LMP